Still, the important news is that Apple has followed up on its iMac success by again becoming a significant innovator in portable computing. At a time when most of the industry is straining to make cookie-cutter commodity hardware as cheaply as possible, it's a pleasure and a relief to see some creativity in consumer computing.

Stephen H.Wildstrom, BusinessWeek.com

First Apple computer with Airport

At the Macworld Expo 1999, Steve Jobs unveiled not only the iBook, but also surprised his audience with the demonstration of wireless Internet access on the new iBook. The 11 mbit so called "Airport card" from of Lucent Technologies (not to be confused with the Airport Extreme card, which does not fit into the Clamshell) can be placed underneath keyboard and is also supported by all MacOS versions from that time. The iBook has a built-in antenna surrounding the display. The Airportcard supports - dependent on the Mac operating system - different encryption techniques:

10.2 Jaguar -> WEP

10.3 Panther -> WPA

10.4 Tiger -> WPA (WPA2 only with Airport Extreme card, which does not fit into the clamshell)

For base stations from other manufacturers WPA is sometimes referred to as PSK Personal, WPA2 is PSK Enterprise. The original Airport card supports only WPA-PSK TKIP not WPA-PSK AES.

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