The iBook, however, was not designed for the target audience of this publication. Its garish turquoise or tangerine hues might be a bit much for the typical lawyer. Besides its colorful ways, the iBook is also trapezoidal in shape, with a built-in handle. Its rubberized composite material betrays the fact that it was designed with the rough-and-tumble world of a school kid in mind.

Anthony Paonita, Law Technology News

Connecting to a TV set

The 366 MHz and 466 mhz models with FireWire have a video-out port. You may connect a TV set (PAL or NTSC standard) and can chhose between the resolutions of 640x480 and 800x600. This requires a special cable, which is still offered by Apple. You can run presentations or watch movies on the big screen, or use it the TV screen for games. If the TV only has only a SCART connector, you need an additional adapter on which you can plug in the audio left / right (red / white connectors) and the video signal (yellow).

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