Some products appeal to logic. Others, such as the Apple iBook, appeal to the senses. Sure, the iBook is a hefty notebook with a price tag to match. But it looks pretty darn cool, and that fact -- along with a few nice features -- helps explain why the iBook is one the most popular laptops sold in retail, especially among students.

ZDnet Australia

Dicota WinBag for Clamshell iBook

The Winbag bag is made for the Clamshell iBooks. One side is transparent and gives a good view on the iBook.

There is a large side pocket for the YoYo power supply, cables, mouse and so on. The handle can be extended.


There were various versions of this bag, with colored inserts at the translucent side in tangerine, blueberry, graphite. There was also a clear version which is suitable for all colors, whether blueberry, graphite, keylime, tangerine or indigo.

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