Leaving the cafe table, carrying the iBook by the built-in handle, it became obvious there are some Very Clever People at Apple: half a dozen people stopped to ask if this blue thing with the big Apple logo was, in fact, the new Apple laptop. Nobody asks if your black or gray box is a laptop, especially if it is hidden in a bag.

Washington Apple Pi Journal

iCurve- the invisible laptop stand

Back in 2002 Griffin released the iCurve, a nearly invisible laptop stand which was made of a single bar of crystal clear plastic. The elegant and curvy design matches the Clamshell in a perfect way. The iCurve lifts your iBook display to a comfortable viewing height when you work for hours on your desk- and to save your aching neck.
You have to use it with an external keyboard and mouse, because the stand is not rock-steady enough to type on it.
If you are a collector, the iCurve is an ideal way to show your beloved Clamshell.In 2006, the iCurve was detached by the Griffin Elevator which is not as beautiful but more solid.

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