What the Cooper-Hewitt show reveals is the extent to which Dionysus now rules over mainstream design. No big-name designer comes attached to Apple's iMac and iBook, for example. But these electronic Lolitas could be the symbols of this show. With their lollipop colors, swelling lines and toylike ease of operation, they hark back to the sexy red plastic Valentine typewriter Sottsass designed for Olivetti in 1969. And the popularity of these machines demonstrates the degree to which design today is erotically driven.few nice features -- helps explain why the iBook is one the most popular laptops sold in retail, especially among students.

Herbert Muschamp, The New York Times

LaCie Firewire speakers

The LaCie Firewire Speakers look pretty good and don't need an AC adapter because they are bus-powered. If you own a firewire Clamshell this might be the right choice. There connecting cable between the two speakers is a lttle bit short..



Compared to its small dimensions you will encouter a powerful sound. The installation is cumbersome: You have to open /utilities/ Audio Midi Setup and choose Lacie Firewire Speakers as default and system output. Then set audio output properties to 44.100 Hz. There seems to be a fatal bug if you're running OSX 10.4 Tiger: while everything seems right under 10.4.6 - after you install the 10.4.11 update the system will crash immediately when the first sound is played.

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