It also amuses me now even more that the whole routine is starting all over again, this time for the iBook. But instead of archaic issues like the missing floppy (what a difference a year really makes), writers now have got to be a lot more inventive, so gender issues, built-in mics, and video-out ports have become le topic du jour.

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iBook Design USB Hub

The German producer of Computer accessories Hama lauchned a iBook / iMac like USB Hub "Flower" in January 2013 . The four flowers with a corresponding USB port came in Blueberry, Keylime, Tangerine und Grape.


When you connect the USB Hub to the iBook, a red LED light which is placed on the bottom lights up the translucent cable connections in red.
In Fall 2012 Hama launched USB mice, speakers and headphones in fruity colors. The "Dispersion" series comes in Tangerine, Indigo, Keylime and Strawberry.

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