Yet the iBook clamshell remains one of my favorite portable Macs. The great battery life, AirPort, rugged feel, and, yep, even the handle are all reasons it still often makes the WiFi coffee house run though I have an iBook G4 and Vostro 1400 sitting in the stable.

Ruffin Bailey, lowendmac.com

iBook Clamshell defects: Part 1 - The handle

The integrated handle was a popular feature that was very useful. But after years of use nearly every handle is covered with stress cracking. The handle is made from Serlin (a special plastic substance) moulded over a magnesium core. At least, the handle will not break but it will look unattractive. If you plan to buy a used iBook, pay attention for the condition of the handle because immaculate spare parts are hard to find.

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