After tbe keynote ended, Apple employees scatered around the croud stood up and took out their iBooks!! They were in generic black bags so no one would suspect anything. Anyone in the keynote could have tried one, which were leashed to its employee.

Josh Forman, jofo.com

466 SE Indigo "Cybook"

Folgender Text und Fotos werden mit der Erlaubnis von Jason "Hooptie J" Kennedy veröffentlicht, dem Autor des legendären CyBook mods. Der Originaltext ging bei einer Restrukturierung seiner Webseite verloren, ich habe über die Wayback Machine jedoch das meiste wiederherstellen können. Jason hat mir seine Originalfotos geschickt (vielen Dank noch mal !) - aber lasst uns starten....

-- Originaltext von Jason "Hooptie J" Kennedy--

My Ultimate iBook SE, An Indigo 466SE with every add-on on you could think of !

This is a Rare iBook Indigo 466SE, Rare because it was only available to edu markets- I got the iBook from an eBay seller (locally - Score!), it was obviously a teachers model, of the hundred he had , most were 366s. Only a few were 466 models, this was the better of the 3 i had to pick from. The project started after I ordered 50 UltraBright blue LEDs for another project, and ended up with a bunch left over.

iBook G3 466Mhz Indigo


576Mb RAM - 64built in, Lifetime 512 pc133

80gb 5400RPM Western Digital

Scorpio ATA100 2.5" HDD

UJ-816 DVD-R (TiBook Superdrive)

Airport Standard Card

Hi-Capacity™ Replacment Battery


14x Ultra Blue LEDs

Internal Bluetooth Module

Custom Slot Drive Bezel

Clear Screen Bezel (BB iBook)

Clear Palmrest (BB iBook)

Custom switch Driven Relay Kit for BT& LEDs

LED Mod:

14x Ultra Brite Blue LEDS

20-22Ga Wire (I used old phone cord)

SPST Switch(I used a DPDT)

The idea I used is pretty simple, I didn't want to hurt the battery life with the LEDs, so they ONLY function while its connected to the power adaptor. The Wiring is as Follows

7 LEDs in series installed in Display housing.

7 LEDs in series installed in lower case.

Positive lead from DC-IN jack to switch

Lead from switch to Fuse

Fuse Connects to both Chains of 7 LEDs

Both chains of LEDs Terminate at the Negative side of the DC-IN jack.

Voila!, Re-assmble and You're LIT!

Next up, I tackled connectivity.

Internal Bluetooth Mod:

USB BT module(i used the Microsoft Module that came w/my mouse)

20-22Ga Wire (I used old phone cord and a USB-b cable)

SPST Switch(I used a DPDT)

2x W117SIP-6 Magnecraft 5v Relays.

1x 47Ohm 1/8W 5% Resistor

I still wanted use of the USB port so direct wiring of the Port was Out ... or was it . The Wiring is as Follows

4 wires from bottom of USB port

Power +5v from usb jack to switch

Data+ to Relay

Data- to Relay

GND to USB Cable


+5v from switch to USB cable

+5v to Positive side of relay coils

Data- relay to USB cable

Data+ relay to USB cable


Neg- side of relay coils to Resistor

resistor to board ground


With The relay pack installed and wired,

the Bluetooth and the LEDs Light when the switch is ON.

When the Switch is OFF the USB port is free to be used, and the LEDS are off .

Voila! Reassemble and you have Bluetooth at the flip of a switch !

Finally .. Cosmetics time!

Cosmetic Mods :

Clear Display Bezel (iBook tangerine)

Clear Palmrest (iBook Tangerine)

Original Drive Door (modified)

The Drive Door-

Pretty simple, just cut,the center section gets tossed, then install (i used hotglue).

The Only other prep was the swap of the Button on the palmrest, and tossing all the shields during earlier stages.

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