Apple Computer's iBook, introduced two weeks ago, has a high ''ooooh'' factor -- the involuntary reaction elicited from some people when they see a thoughtfully designed product. The person mainly responsible is Jonathan Ive, 32, a London native who is the personal-computer industry's leading design rebel.

Steve Lohr, New York Times


iBook - Notice the change

Apple Werbevideo mit dem Song von Barry White "You turned my whole world around" von 1977, CD "Barry White Sings for Someone You Love", remastered, Mercury / Universal

iBook Attract Loop

Offizielles Werbevideo "Attract Loop" von Apple mit den blueberry und tangerine iBooks

iRoom Commercial

Kein offizielles Apple Video, aber eins von meinen liebsten...

Das Betriebssystem scheint MacOS8 zu sein

iMac unplugged

Offizielles Apple Werbevideo "iMac unplugged"

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