The Apple Beat: 5 Technologies Apple pioneered that became tech standards  

WiFi - Apple called it AirPort and it debuted with the original clamshell iBooks and the AirPort Base Station which was a hotspot that resembled a spaceship. A magical technology, AirPort made it possible to untether from an Ethernet connection in order to get true wireless Internet. WiFi has evolved, it is a standard feature on most portable devices and everyone from Starbucks to McDonald’s offers free connections to entice users.

Gadjo C. Sevilla - canadianreviewer.com

iBook - Notice the change

Apple Werbevideo mit dem Song von Barry White "You turned my whole world around" von 1977, CD "Barry White Sings for Someone You Love", remastered, Mercury / Universal

iBook Attract Loop

Offizielles Werbevideo "Attract Loop" von Apple mit den blueberry und tangerine iBooks

iRoom Commercial

Kein offizielles Apple Video, aber eins von meinen liebsten...

Das Betriebssystem scheint MacOS8 zu sein

iMac unplugged

Offizielles Apple Werbevideo "iMac unplugged"

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