Yes, the iBook is cool, if a little goofy looking, resembling a breath mint on steroids even more than the iMac does. And yes, it's a hot machine with impressive stats. But it won't be the 300 MHz G3 processor, the 32 Mbytes of RAM, the 56k modem, the built-in Ethernet, not even the low price tag that moves these things out the door.

No. What will sell the iBook is that Jobs understands that consumers want more than megahertz and memory -- they want to be entertained.

Chris Allbritton, salon.com

iBook - Notice the change

Apple Werbevideo mit dem Song von Barry White "You turned my whole world around" von 1977, CD "Barry White Sings for Someone You Love", remastered, Mercury / Universal

iBook Attract Loop

Offizielles Werbevideo "Attract Loop" von Apple mit den blueberry und tangerine iBooks

iRoom Commercial

Kein offizielles Apple Video, aber eins von meinen liebsten...

Das Betriebssystem scheint MacOS8 zu sein

iMac unplugged

Offizielles Apple Werbevideo "iMac unplugged"

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