We heartily agree with Laptop's assessment of the absolute worst notebook design, the Apple iBook from 1999 that most of us thought looked exactly like a toilet seat in a cheap motel. Sure, it was available in all kinds of gorgeous colors, but besides being underpowered, its design was widely considered to be a joke.


Bottom case double-shot in rubber

The bottom case including the sides with the interfaces and the optical drive is double-shot in rubber. The rugged design makes the Clamshell very skid-proof and insusceptible against scratches. There is only a recess for the Apple Logo at the bottom.
The rubber foots are integrated in the rubber mat and the battery door, so they won't come off as the do on black PowerBook G3 and the subsequent white iBooks.
Afer several years of use the rubber might peel off, you may glue it back using a transparent all-purpose-adhesive. Unfortunately there has never been a spare part by Apple to replace the rubber mat.

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