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Create a unique iBook: The transparent polycarbonate plastic case of the non firewire editions in tangerine, blueberry and graphite is a good picture frame for your own special motive, for example the favourite little kittens of your daughter. Underneath the plastics is a thin metal sheet on which you can fix an adhesive foil. These are available for color printers - or you buy a adequate professional 15" notebook skin.


Do you like to have a Blueberry SkyBook ? It is quite easy and does not interfere with the original design.

Follow the instructions for the luminiscent apple mod to get hold of the metal sheet. If you remove the foil behind the apple, you have to cut out the appropriate space in your notebook skin too.

The case of the firewire iBooks is made of more opaque material, so you have to use bright colors and adhere the foil directly underneath the case instead of the metal sheet.

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