It's odd; on paper I don't even like capitalism that much, or believe in The American Way, or think that gadgets -- or any possession -- can make us happy. I'm not the kind of guy who normally watches corporate presentations, let alone watches them through tears. And yet when Steve Jobs introduced the clamshell iBook back in 1999, I found myself actually weeping with gratitude.

Momus, wired.com

iBook harddisk swap quick and dirty

There is a much more easy way to put a new harddisk in your iBook Clamshell - only 19 screws which takes only 8 min 17 seconds (without time to re-assemble)
The trick is to remove the screws in the region where the HD is located and bend the EMI shield in order to fish the HD out.

Do not disconnect the IDE and speaker cable to the logicboard. Tools: Torx T8 to remove 6 screws on the bottom (i forgot to remove one in the first step), Philipps Screwdriver, Coin, 5mm nut driver - and your hands and your fingernail.

There is a better version of this video with terrible music for download

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