It's a long way from a toilet laboratory in Chigwell, north London to the heart of Silicon Valley, California.
But in eight years, Jonathan Ive has covered this distance to establish himself as one of the world's most celebrated and sought after designers.
In his role as vice-president of industrial design at Apple, he has been responsible for a whirlwind of innovation, including the original iMac computer and its portable cousin, the iBook.

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iBook modification project

The major drawback of the Clamshell iBook is the limitation of the 800x600 screen specially in OSX, which was build for larger screens. On the iBook modification project page you can find instructions how to connect a 1024x768 screen to your Clamshell. There are still some limitations concerning DVD playback.

The discussion started at macnnforums in december 2006, but now the thread was closed because the project moved.

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