Years ago when Carrie was writing her column through the night in her tiny New York apartment overflowing with shoes she couldn't possible have bought on her salary, I got a bit excited about the laptop she was using. Apple had released a handbag-shaped 'Clamshell' iBook G3 and Carrie had one. Graeme tracked one down for me. It no longer works but I can never throw it out. Irrational? Absolutely.

Marina Go, womensagenda.com.au

iClam: XGA Clamshell on Ebay

The Ebay USA vendor odds-n-ends4you sells maxed out Clamshell iBooks with a 1024x768 display panel - starting bid around 500 US$, but only for buyers in the USA and Canada. Apparently he uses no OpenFirmware Hack and DVD Playback works as to be seen on Youtube. The Clamshell Modification Project published a new method using the terminal application to achieve the correct communication with a XGA Display panel, but there are no informations if the DVD playback problem is solved or not.

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