The iBook is undoubtedly rugged, functional, powerful and fun, and it may even be beautiful. Having to pay an extra £350 for sufficient RAM and disk space to edit a modest home video hurts a little, though, and the lack of screen space is irritating. But in every other respect, the iBook has come of age.

Ken McMahon, Personal Computer World

iFixit - iBook disassembly guide

The most comprehensive website with illustrated step by step instructions for the disassembly of the Clamshell iBook (and many other Macs) can be found at ifixit.com The disassebly instructions cover: * Battery * CD Faceplate * Airport Card * Keyboard * RAM * Upper Case * Optical Drive * Modem * Display * EMI Shield * Charger Board * DC-In Board * Hard Drive * HD Replacement * Logic Board * Lower Case You can download the instructions as PDF files. The screw guide is highly recommended.

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