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The Clamshell iBook has a 66Mhz front side bus, so ram modules had to be (downward) compatible to 66Mhz, even if they can handle 100mhz or 133mhz.
There a lot of 144 pin SO-DIMM standard modules that work flawlessly, others seem to work, but produce errors, some are not even recognized.

You' re lucky if the manufacturer or trader tests the compatibility (see photo above)

The following SO-DIMM modules should work for you:

1. 512MB Samsung/Apple OEM PowerBook PC133 SODIMM (p/n M8631LL/A)
(M8631LL/A, M464S6453DN0-L7A, KTA-PBG4/512)

2. 512MB Apple iMac/iBook/PowerBook PC133 1" SDRAM SODIMM (p/n MX-M8631G/A)
(M9088G/A, M8631G/A, KTA-PBG4/512)

3. 256MB Apple PowerBook/iBook PC133 SDRAM SODIMM (p/n MX-M8206LL/A)
(M8206LL/A, KTA-PB133/256, KTA-PBG4/256)

4. 128MB Apple PowerBook PC133 SDRAM SODIMM (p/n APPLE-128MB-PC133-SO)
(APPLE-128MB-PC133-SO, KTA-PB133/128)

iBook users report that this modules work for them:

1. 512MB Kingston KTA-PBG4/512
3. 256MB Lei PC100 256MB32X64

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