The iBook will almost certainly bring a seachange in our perception of computing. For all the analysis and pontificating about the iBook's capabilities, the primary driver of the new laptop's success will be it's unique style and the portability to put that style in the face of the public.

Del Miller, macopinion

Changing the optical drive

The CD-ROM or DVD drive in the Clamshell iBook is disguised to an extent that you can hardly believe that a standard drive lies underneath the cage which holds it in its place. You can dismantle the drive and use even a DVD burner as long as you make sure that it is set to master or cable select.


All parts are either screwed and / or glued together. You need a philips screwdriver, a good scraper and a spatula. Removing the white spacer pad needs your special attention.

The picture shows the attachments (without bezel), which must be dismantled.

6 screws - 4 on the side, 2 on the ribbon cable

2 Metal fleece pieces

1 spacer spring

1 cage

1 flat ribbon cable

1 flat white spacer pad (remove carefully with scraper)

The cage and the flat cable are slightly glued to the drive, use a spatula.

Here is a link for the bezel mod

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