The distinctive color and shape of the iBook says something about the user. I like the fact that you can't ignore me when I pull out my iBook on the bus and go to work. And the attention it receives at meetings where I use it has all been positive. People want to touch it, and try it out.

Mark Newhouse, Web Designer

Changing the optical drive

The CD-ROM or DVD drive in the Clamshell iBook is disguised to an extent that you can hardly believe that a standard drive lies underneath the cage which holds it in its place. You can dismantle the drive and use even a DVD burner as long as you make sure that it is set to master or cable select.


All parts are either screwed and / or glued together. You need a philips screwdriver, a good scraper and a spatula. Removing the white spacer pad needs your special attention.

The picture shows the attachments (without bezel), which must be dismantled.

6 screws - 4 on the side, 2 on the ribbon cable

2 Metal fleece pieces

1 spacer spring

1 cage

1 flat ribbon cable

1 flat white spacer pad (remove carefully with scraper)

The cage and the flat cable are slightly glued to the drive, use a spatula.

Here is a link for the bezel mod

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