Yet the iBook clamshell remains one of my favorite portable Macs. The great battery life, AirPort, rugged feel, and, yep, even the handle are all reasons it still often makes the WiFi coffee house run though I have an iBook G4 and Vostro 1400 sitting in the stable.

Ruffin Bailey, lowendmac.com

Keyboard mod: white vs. bronze

If you find the white keyboard a little boring, there is something you can do: get yourself a keyboard from a PowerBook Pismo. The bronze keyboard of the Clamshell's elder brother has exactly the same mechanical layout, only the connecting cable is different. For a switch you only have to remove the keycaps with leaving the mounting brackets in place. The keycaps of the PowerBook Lombard may work also, but i havn't got one of these, so you have to try yourself.


ImageMy tool for removing the keycaps is a small screwdriver. You can slip under the plastics and lift it carefully. The larger keys like SPACE or RETURN have two mounting brackets instead of one, which takes more time. Replacing the keycap with a new one is easier - simply put it in the right position and push it down.

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