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Even the clamshell iBook's power supply was given a distinctive design. The connection cable to the DC-in port on the iBook can also be rolled up to prevent cable clutter. It received nicknames like "yo-yo", "hockey puck", "frisbee", "UFO" , "biscuit", "hamburger" or "flying saucer".

Unfortunately, the UFO power supply is a well-known weak point - either it completely dies after a few years of loyal service or the cable on the connector to the iBook breaks.

In order to avoid overheating of the power pack, the connection cable should always be unwound completely.

An original replacement power pack (pay attention to the model number M7332) is available on Ebay from 30 euros. Since the YoYo power supply with the same model number was also available in smaller quantities with a smaller plug for the first G4 Powerbook Titanium models (400/500 Mhz), you should make sure you get the right version.

Compatible black power supplies from Apple (M5159) or third-party manufacturers such as Madsonline are also available. It is not advisable to buy the black power supply units from Apple with the model designation M4402 that are still on sale today, as there was a recall campaign due to the risk of fire.

In the worst case, an acute power supply defect can lead to logic board damage. If the iBook then only starts with the battery, you were a little less unlucky and only the DC-in board is damaged.

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