It's a long way from a toilet laboratory in Chigwell, north London to the heart of Silicon Valley, California.
But in eight years, Jonathan Ive has covered this distance to establish himself as one of the world's most celebrated and sought after designers.
In his role as vice-president of industrial design at Apple, he has been responsible for a whirlwind of innovation, including the original iMac computer and its portable cousin, the iBook.

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Airport alternative: Wireless Ethernet Bridge

If you don't own a original Airport Card or you don't want to block your single USB port with a WLAN Stick, there is still an alternative: A Wireless Ethernet Bridge, which is connected to the standard ethernet port of your iBook. The device is driverless and configured via browser-interface. For example the Belkin Wireless G Gaming Apapter F5D7330 which was constructed for XBox or other Gaming devices and supports 802.11g standard up to 54Mbps.



There are two versions: The silver one with two antennas supports only WPA encryption standard, whereas the white one with a single antenna supports WPA2.

The Browser - configuration is a little complcated, but you can follow the instructions at AppleInsider. A Firmware Upgrade might be useful for optimal performance.


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