Remember that the iBook is not designed for professional use, and as much as a typical TidBITS reader might want additional features and capabilities, many of us aren't the target audience. Apple is targeting the consumer market with the iBook, and the designers obviously thought long and hard about which features could be cut to save money while at the same time differentiating the iBook from the PowerBook G3.


Clamshell LG TFT 800x600 - 1024x768 from iBook G4

Here is a short video with a new 1024x768 screen. After a prolonged boot time the resolution switches from 800x600 to XGA, because of a firmware hack.
You need a Clamshell iBook with a LG LP121SA 800x600 LCD panel (15% of total number, IBM and Samsung were used more often)

How do you find out? The software switchresx 3.8.7 (for 10.4 Tiger) will help, you only have to run it once. The Export EDID function will create a text file which contains manufacturer information about the Display.
Buy a known-good screen from a white iBook G3 or G4. Swap Displays. LG display cable from Clamshell is pin-compatible. Use hot glue to fix display in the right position. Apply open firmware hack from http://ibookmod.livejournal.com/ (a little bit tricky) DVD playback on a 466 mhz or 366Mhz (restricted) system possible with VLC player 0.86i PPC. Brightness via freeware "Brightness Control" splasm software.

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