When Apple retired the clamshell iBook model in favor of the new and boxy "snow white" iBook last year, I lamented the loss of a champion. While the new iBook was a half-inch thinner, a pound lighter, a smidge faster, and could run at a higher screen resolution (1024x768) that was more suited to OS X's larger eye candy, it lacked a certain usability.

Bill Palmer, BillPalmer.net

iBook desktop wallpaper

Those of you who search for a Clamshell iBook desktop wallpaper should take a look at Macdesktops.com. In addition to hundreds of other backgrounds there are also about 50 for the Clamshell iBook. Another worthwhile stop is TheAppleCollection.com. Here, the ones for the original iBook are not separated from the others, unfortunately there are some links to motives which work no more.

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