I really like the sleep light. Everyone else's just blink on and off, and they're very mechanical, and this is typical of their design. We wanted to do something that was more animated and fluid - and about life. And this machine is like 'breathing' [the iBook's light pulsates] on and off. Their machines might work, but they just do the very minimum to meet the functional imperative.

Jonathan Ive, iBook Designer

OS9 Retail CD and Update must not be confused

Many Clamshell Owners don't posess the original Software installation and restore CD (orange or grey) any more.
If you plan to install OS9 (some say they best OS ever) keep an eye out for the orginal white OS9 retail CD with the number 9 in orange.


Beware! Only the CD with the phrase printed on the left side:

To start up from this CD, hold down the C key as the computer starts up

(at the bottom of the picture) is bootable and contains a full version of the operation system.
Bonus software such as AppleWorks, Bugdom, Nanosaur and Faxstf is not included.

The CD on the top of the picture has only a short remark on the right side:

Mac OS 9.2.1 Update CD

and contains no operating system, only update packages you can download for free at apple.com

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