Leaving the cafe table, carrying the iBook by the built-in handle, it became obvious there are some Very Clever People at Apple: half a dozen people stopped to ask if this blue thing with the big Apple logo was, in fact, the new Apple laptop. Nobody asks if your black or gray box is a laptop, especially if it is hidden in a bag.

Washington Apple Pi Journal

Blueberry preferred

The german website MacGadget stated that Apple wholesalers Gravis in August 1999 gave the color preferences of initial orders from Germany after the appearance of the first iBook series as follows: Blueberry 60%, Tangerine 40%.

Steve Jobs had chosen differently: at the presentation of the iBooks on July 21 1999, he held the Tangerine iBook in his hand, the Blueberry was covered under a sheet on his desk.

Since today the orange iBooks models achieve significantly higher prices at ebay.de

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