There can never have been a personal computer, not even the iMac, which has been designed from start to finish with such attention to detail. Everything from the design of the packaging to the smooth curves of the bullet-proof clamshell case makes you want to pick it up, hold it, examine it and play with it.

Kenny Hemphill, macuser.co.uk

Clamshell Unboxing Part 1: The covering box

More than 12 years have passed since Steve Jobs unveiled the original iBook in July 1999. Most of the used Clamshell iBooks you can buy today have lost their original packaging and accessories. If you want to get a reasonable price for your iBook it may be wise to collect the things together, because Apple enthusiasts pay a considerable sum of money for it. In a multi-part series i will present the original contents of the boxes - it may vary in different countries.
The design of the covering box remained nearly the same beginning in July 1999, the first revision in February 2000 and the final second edition in September 2000.



The longitudinal side shows two different views of the included iBook in its model color which showed up in the print and TV ads every day. A pile of these iBook boxes in a store were at once a good sales promotion. At the narrow side you will see an Apple logo in the corresponding model color with some barcodes, Apple model number, serial number, ethernet ID, and a summary of hardware specs and OS language version.

The view from above shows the detailed hardware and software information, including bonus software. The design of the second edition box (box in the middle) was slightly different. The background color of the text box is brighter and the picture of the iBook is placed on the left side.

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