Tangerine? Is it the fact that Tangerine is among the least popular choices of color for the iMac, or just the fact that its ugly that Apple chose it to be half the color options for the iBook? Very strange indeed although Steve Jobs' choices have proven fairly on track so far. :-)
While many had hoped the iBook would be priced a little cheaper than US$1600, when you consider the feature set, it is a great price indeed. There are no comparable Wintel laptops with anywhere near the power of a 300 MHz G3 in that price range. The iBook will be a huge success. Not "could" be, "will" be.

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun, macobserver.com


Clamshell Unboxing Part 2: The contents

The subsequent part of the Clamshell Unboxing series describes the contents of the box. You are on the edge of your seat with anticipation when the assessories box shows up which is placed in a rounded four-columned housing.

The theme on top of the box differs between the editions.


The 300Mhz iBooks in Tangerine and Blueberry and the Graphite iBook Special Edition without Firewire (Feb.2000) came with the assessories Box with the Tangerine iBook, the Second Edition iBooks (366 and 466Mhz) in redefined Graphite, Key Lime and Indigo had three little iBooks on top.

If you turn the box you will notice that the sides and the back of the first edition is grey with a bigger white apple.

When you remove the box, the iBook which still rests in beautiful designed Styrofoam shows up. There is an additinal package with desiccants fixed to the box.
For the photo, the transparent plastic cover of the iBook has been removed in advance.

The next photo shows the plastic wrap with the seal concerning the software licence.
The system software is pre-installed, so it has to be there.

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