We heartily agree with Laptop's assessment of the absolute worst notebook design, the Apple iBook from 1999 that most of us thought looked exactly like a toilet seat in a cheap motel. Sure, it was available in all kinds of gorgeous colors, but besides being underpowered, its design was widely considered to be a joke.


The Barbie iBook

I always wanted to take a photo of the real Barbie iBook.
I like to thank my daughter, who gave me her "French Barbie" from the Collector's Edition, and an original pink Barbie laptop.

Insiders know that the design and color of Clamshell iBooks has caused some mockery stimulated by a comment the PC Magazine columnist Dvorak. Until today some people call the iBook by the nickname "Barbie purse" - which is of course better than "toilet seat"


Apple has never dared to release a pink Clamshell. But recently, I have found in an Ebay auction a pink iBook. Someone has dyed the colored parts, but i am in doubt if the pink color on the rubber parts will last long.

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