There can never have been a personal computer, not even the iMac, which has been designed from start to finish with such attention to detail. Everything from the design of the packaging to the smooth curves of the bullet-proof clamshell case makes you want to pick it up, hold it, examine it and play with it.

Kenny Hemphill, macuser.co.uk

Tribute to emate 300

In March 1997 Apple released the Emate 300 for 800 $ - it was bigger than a PDA and smaller than a laptop. The emate ran the Newton operating system, the battery life was up to 20 hours. The display had 480x320 pixels in 16 gray levels. 8MB ROM contained both operating system and applications. In addition, there were 1MB RAM and 2MB flash memory available, an infrared port, and a combined serial / parallel interface. The emate targeted on the educational sector.

As Steve Jobs returned back to Apple, he stopped the whole Newton product line in 1988 . Some elements of the emate design were resumed in the Clamshell iBook: The shape, the semi-transparent housing, the interface layout and the integrated carrying handle.

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