Announced in July 1999 at Macworld New York, the iBook was perhaps the most anxiously awaited Apple computer ever. Aimed at the same consumer market as its big brother, the iMac, the iBook filled the 2x2 consumer/pro/desktop/portable matrix that Steve Jobs had first detailed more than a year earlier.

30 years of Apple Products, wired.com

How vintage are you ?

How vintage are you - that is the question for every Clamshell user today. The first iBook generation has the Apple status of "vintage" which means that spare parts are no longer produced. The family of Pinot and Dita from Indonesia uses that old fashioned Clamshell in everyday life in addition to the modern iPhone. Due to the long battery life and airport card it is still useful. In their Flickr account , you can have a look at some beautiful photos with the iBook in a cafe and a park.

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