Apple appears to have selected the name iBook for its forthcoming consumer and education-oriented notebook Mac, better known by its codename, P1. The name 'iBook' has been assigned to the company as a trademark and follows naturally from the name 'iMac'. An earlier, much-fancied name was 'WebMate', given the machine's anticipated role as a portable Internet access system -- iBook retains that idea, but also ties the machine into the professional PowerBook line.

Tony Smith, theregister.co.uk

iBook Computed tomography scan

A fascinating three-dimensional Computed tomography (CT) image of the inside of a Clamshell iBook generated by a series of X-ray images can be found at radiology art.

Made on a Mac: Using Photoshop, the artist applied colors based on the varying densities of materials present. Thanks for presenting the disembodied inner life of a Tangerine iBook !

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