The iBook will almost certainly bring a seachange in our perception of computing. For all the analysis and pontificating about the iBook's capabilities, the primary driver of the new laptop's success will be it's unique style and the portability to put that style in the face of the public.

Del Miller, macopinion

Goodbye, www.BlueberryiBook.com

One of the first beloved Clamshell websites, www.BlueberryiBook.com, which provided a lot of information, is gone. When i got my first iBook it was the first resource of information. No longer updated for years, it stayed online for historical and entertainment purposes, but now it is permanently unavailable. You can still recover some information using the Wayback machine archive.org Addendum: Good news - bad news! BlueberryiBook.com is back (end of June 2008). The new Blogger Design is a drawback, and the new owner is "borrowing" content from my website word-by-word without even asking. I refer to my article concerning Harddisks larger than 128GB. Stay away !

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