But Apple’s color pendulum eventually swung back, and Apple trended toward less ostentatious products, both in hardware and software. “Steve always wanted to stay one step ahead. When the industry started to become very colorful and lickable, then he realized––and Jony and I realized––that we needed to take a different path,” recalls Don Lindsay, Apple’s former design director of the Mac OS user–experience group.

Mark Wilson, salon.com

Consumer vs. Pro: Pricing of iBook and PowerBook

Back in 1999 the prize for Apple notebook hardware was twice as high as nowadays. In Germany the Clamshell iBook was sold for 3699 Deutsche Mark which was about $ 2020 in these days. A good deal more than $ 1599 in the USA! The picture shows a printed advertising of the distributor GRAVIS in the german magazine MacUp 10/99.

The PowerBook G3 333Mhz (Bronze Keyboard) which was released in May 1999 was sold in Germany for 5700 Deutsche Mark which is a considerable amount even for a Pro Notebook with a wee bit more RAM, HD space, screen size and interfaces.

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