All in all, the keynote audience was very pleased with the iBook except for two points: pricing and availability. At $1599, $400 more than the iMac, I think the iBook is reasonably priced for a consumer portable, but more than people had hoped for. TFT displays and six-hour batteries don’t come cheap, after all. I’m sure Apple is just as disappointed as we are that the iBook won’t be available to start the school year, but if they coulda done it, they woulda.

Michael Tsai, atpm.com

Unified Motherboard Architecture

The clamshell iBook was the first Mac based on the new Unified Motherboard Architecture (UMA). The logicboard sported new Apple specific ASICs which supported the new standards (USB, FireWire, Ethernet 100mbit, Ultra DMA).

The integration of the controller chips "UniNorth" and "KeyLargo" shows the figure on the Japanese website Medicalmac, the link is a Google translation - or the Apple Developer Notes

The scalability of UMA systems makes it possible that future models can be built on same architecture, reducing development and production costs. For example: the AGP graphics can be accessed with 2x or 4x speed, The bus speed is adjustable from 66MHZ to more than 100MHZ - which is particularly useful for Overclockers.

It is a pity that the Clamshell series ended in 2001, so many possible features were not integrated. The logic board had e.g. still had free space for RAM banks and other interfaces.

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