Apple commercial: iMac unplugged

Official Apple promotional video "iMac unplugged"

Apple commercial: iBook Love

Is it possible to fall in love with a computer ? Apple commercial with the voice of Jeff Goldblum.

The iBook Girls

The Clamshell iBook was reputed to attract women.
This statement has been tested thoroughly by Jörg Pitschmann, a photographer from Berlin, who owns a Clamshell graphite.

iBook grrrls

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iBook Clamshell Product Placement: Film Good Advice

Apple used to promote its products via Product Placement in major TV-Series and Cine films. A paradigm is "Good Advice" (2001) with Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. A Blueberry iBook shows up right after the opening credits. Cindy Stine (Richards) is an advice columnist who types on a Clamshell iBook, later on Ryan Turner (Sheen) takes over her job and her notebook.The Blueberry iBook and Apple logo are omnipresent in almost every scene until the end titles.

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