But Apple’s color pendulum eventually swung back, and Apple trended toward less ostentatious products, both in hardware and software. “Steve always wanted to stay one step ahead. When the industry started to become very colorful and lickable, then he realized––and Jony and I realized––that we needed to take a different path,” recalls Don Lindsay, Apple’s former design director of the Mac OS user–experience group.

Mark Wilson, salon.com

Apple commercial: iBook Attract Loop

Official promotional video "Attract Loop" by Apple with the original blueberry and tangerine iBooks


iBook Apple Expo 2000 Paris

The duration of this Google Video of the keynote at the Apple Expo 2000 in Paris is about one hour and twenty minutes and shows again the sales talent of Steve Jobs.

The European audience was visibly annoyed by the repeated advertising for the Apple Store on the Internet, of course, a rival to the established dealers.

You can go directly to minute 38:30 when he reveals the new Clamshell iBook models with FireWire (indigo, keylime and graphite)

According to Steve Jobs, the green keylime is the favorite color of the iBook designer Jonathan Ive and his team. The announcement that this color will be available only on the Apple online store, called protests.

The new feature that the iBook has an video output for an external TV was not mentioned.

Apple commercial: iBook - Notice the change

Apple promotional video with the song by Barry White "You turned my whole world around" 1977, CD "Barry White Sings for Someone You Love", remastered, Mercury / Universal

Hugo and the Apple-UFO

A private youTube video without sound. Hugo the plush bear discovers a Clamshell iBook including UFO-Adapter.

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