All over the Mac web, the new iBook color "key lime", which is an intense yellowish green, is creating big controversy.
Actually, perhaps controversy is not the word. For that to be true, there would have to be someone who actually likes it, and we have not heard of anybody yet.

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Sajonara Japan: iBook Icons

There are a lot of loyal and creative iBook Clamshell fans in Japan. At the Macworld Expo 2000 in Tokyo a meeting of iBookers took place. Mitsuaki Ohashi designed iBook Paper Craft (click on Remote CTL). If you need iBook Icons visit miurano.com, there are icons in all 5 iBook Clamshell colours.

OS9 treasures: Appleworks 6

On the original iBook OS9 installation CD you will find in addition to the operating system some bonus programs that are easily overlooked. The first iBooks which came with Mac OS8.6 were bundled with AppleWorks 5, newer iBooks with Version 6.

AppleWorks, the forerunner of iWork, offers a set of functions. Word processing, page layout, painting, spreadsheet calculation, database and pesentation module. The Appleworks version 6 comes with a converter for older MS Office formats. Apple Works 6 has a good performance on low equipped Clamshell and works sufficiently for for private use. With the last available patch you can run it under OSX. Apple also offers PDF manuals for download.

OS9 Retail CD and Update must not be confused

Many Clamshell Owners don't posess the original Software installation and restore CD (orange or grey) any more.
If you plan to install OS9 (some say they best OS ever) keep an eye out for the orginal white OS9 retail CD with the number 9 in orange.

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