Yes, the iBook is cool, if a little goofy looking, resembling a breath mint on steroids even more than the iMac does. And yes, it's a hot machine with impressive stats. But it won't be the 300 MHz G3 processor, the 32 Mbytes of RAM, the 56k modem, the built-in Ethernet, not even the low price tag that moves these things out the door.

No. What will sell the iBook is that Jobs understands that consumers want more than megahertz and memory -- they want to be entertained.

Chris Allbritton, salon.com

Bottom case double-shot in rubber

The bottom case including the sides with the interfaces and the optical drive is double-shot in rubber. The rugged design makes the Clamshell very skid-proof and insusceptible against scratches. There is only a recess for the Apple Logo at the bottom.
The rubber foots are integrated in the rubber mat and the battery door, so they won't come off as the do on black PowerBook G3 and the subsequent white iBooks.
Afer several years of use the rubber might peel off, you may glue it back using a transparent all-purpose-adhesive. Unfortunately there has never been a spare part by Apple to replace the rubber mat.

Clamshell tuning-up

Low Level of difficulty:

Installation of an airport card for WLAN
Expansion of memory
Connecting an external hard drive via USB / Firewire
Connecting an external CD / DVD drive via USB / Firewire
Replacement of the battery by a more powerful model

Middle Difficulty

Installation of an internal DVD drive

High degree of difficulty

Mounting of an internal hard drive (ATA, up to 128 GB)

Overclocking of the processor by Logicboard modification

DVD drives

The iBook with 300 and 366MHZ Clocking were only equipped with a CD-ROM drive. Users reported that the following internal drives will work in Clamshell iBooks:

DVD ROM Matshita SR-817x

CD-RW Toshiba SD-R2002

Combo Toshiba SD-R2212

Combo Sony CRX-7x0E, CRX-8x0E


Combo Sony CRX800E

Sony CRX820E

Combo Toshiba SD-R2412

Combo Toshiba SD-R2512

DVD burner NEC DVD / RW ND-7550A

Information without guarantee -

The drives must be configured as master or cable select. Most of the drives have no physical jumper, this setting has to be done by firmware.
You will find firmware and utilities also in special forums. Here, for example, one for Toshiba drives.

Cleaning the display bezel

The first iBooks with a translucent polycarbonate plastic case sometimes show some stains on the inside of the display bezel. Fortunately it is possible to open the display case without touching the rest.

Read more: Cleaning the display bezel

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