Schluss mit den Langweiler-Notebooks

...Leistungstechnisch muß sich der mobile Farbklecks weder hinter seinen stationären Geschwistern noch hinter Wintel-Notebooks verstecken. Wer ein robustes, schnelles Notebook sucht und sich nicht an der mangelnden Aufrüstbarkeit stört, ist mit dem iBook gut bedient. Vielleicht werden auch Sie nach einem Rendezvous mit dem frechen iBook bald zum Apple-Fan.

Uli Ries, CHIP-online.de

The iBook Display

Apple uses displays of different manufacturers with native 800x600 pixel resolution in the Clamshell iBooks. The displays have different connectors for the display itself, therefore a broken display has to come with the appropriate cable of the oem manufacturer.

LCD Cable - IBM, Apple part number922-5087
TFT Panel - IBM 03L5040 (BL P/N:03L5090)

LCD Cable - LG, Apple part number 922-5368
TFT Panel - LG LP121SA (A2QT)

LCD Cable - Samsung, Apple part number 922-4769
TFT Panel - Samsung LT121SU-123

LCD Cable - Toshiba, number unknown

The integrated modem

The integrated modem has a standard RJ-11 connection Performance data: Modem bit rate up to 56 Kbps (V90 standard) Fax modem bit rate up to 14.4 Kbps The modem is recognized as a serial connection, standard AT commands are used, you can hear status tone messages via the speaker.

The white Tangerine iBook, that never was

After my succesful Redefined Tangerine iBook Mod i reached out for a totally insanely opaque snowwhite version. The Bottomcase, Topcase, Battery door and Optical drive Bezel were coated with white spray paint from within.
The Logicboard from a 366Mhz Firewire Indigo iBook were transfered, likewise the Display Bezel and Upper Case with keyboard. The small Apple Logo and colored Clicker have been reverted..

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Case Mod: A whiter shade....

The first non-firewire iBook Clamshell colors in Tangerine, Blueberry and Graphite had a translucent polycarbonate plastics case which enables you to see the subjacent silver-gray shielding plates. A white spray paint on these metal shields generates a discreet color upgrade and a crisp new look. Keyboard and Power Button came from a indigo iBook.

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