The iBook Display

Apple uses displays of different manufacturers with native 800x600 pixel resolution in the Clamshell iBooks. The displays have different connectors for the display itself, therefore a broken display has to come with the appropriate cable of the oem manufacturer.

LCD Cable - IBM, Apple part number922-5087
TFT Panel - IBM 03L5040 (BL P/N:03L5090)

LCD Cable - LG, Apple part number 922-5368
TFT Panel - LG LP121SA (A2QT)

LCD Cable - Samsung, Apple part number 922-4769
TFT Panel - Samsung LT121SU-123

LCD Cable - Toshiba, number unknown

The integrated modem

The integrated modem has a standard RJ-11 connection Performance data: Modem bit rate up to 56 Kbps (V90 standard) Fax modem bit rate up to 14.4 Kbps The modem is recognized as a serial connection, standard AT commands are used, you can hear status tone messages via the speaker.

The white Tangerine iBook, that never was

After my succesful Redefined Tangerine iBook Mod i reached out for a totally insanely opaque snowwhite version. The Bottomcase, Topcase, Battery door and Optical drive Bezel were coated with white spray paint from within.
The Logicboard from a 366Mhz Firewire Indigo iBook were transfered, likewise the Display Bezel and Upper Case with keyboard. The small Apple Logo and colored Clicker have been reverted..

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Case Mod: A whiter shade....

The first non-firewire iBook Clamshell colors in Tangerine, Blueberry and Graphite had a translucent polycarbonate plastics case which enables you to see the subjacent silver-gray shielding plates. A white spray paint on these metal shields generates a discreet color upgrade and a crisp new look. Keyboard and Power Button came from a indigo iBook.

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