But Apple’s color pendulum eventually swung back, and Apple trended toward less ostentatious products, both in hardware and software. “Steve always wanted to stay one step ahead. When the industry started to become very colorful and lickable, then he realized––and Jony and I realized––that we needed to take a different path,” recalls Don Lindsay, Apple’s former design director of the Mac OS user–experience group.

Mark Wilson, salon.com

iBook completes new 4-Box product strategy

When Steve Jobs returned as Apple CEO, he tried to get rid of the perplexing variety of computer models of Quadra, Performa, LC, Power Macintosh and PowerBooks. A new simple Four-Box grid - respectively one pro desktop, pro notebook, consumer desktop and consumer notebook with a catchy nomenclature. Products for professionals started with Power (PowerMac, PowerBook), consumer products with the letter i (iMac, iBook). On July, 21 1999 the last missing square was completed with the presentation of the Clamshell iBook.

iBook Computed tomography scan

A fascinating three-dimensional Computed tomography (CT) image of the inside of a Clamshell iBook generated by a series of X-ray images can be found at radiology art.

Made on a Mac: Using Photoshop, the artist applied colors based on the varying densities of materials present. Thanks for presenting the disembodied inner life of a Tangerine iBook !

How vintage are you ?

How vintage are you - that is the question for every Clamshell user today. The first iBook generation has the Apple status of "vintage" which means that spare parts are no longer produced. The family of Pinot and Dita from Indonesia uses that old fashioned Clamshell in everyday life in addition to the modern iPhone. Due to the long battery life and airport card it is still useful. In their Flickr account , you can have a look at some beautiful photos with the iBook in a cafe and a park.

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