Blueberry preferred

The german website MacGadget stated that Apple wholesalers Gravis in August 1999 gave the color preferences of initial orders from Germany after the appearance of the first iBook series as follows: Blueberry 60%, Tangerine 40%.

Steve Jobs had chosen differently: at the presentation of the iBooks on July 21 1999, he held the Tangerine iBook in his hand, the Blueberry was covered under a sheet on his desk.

Since today the orange iBooks models achieve significantly higher prices at

Exhibition Stylectrical: How Apple conquered design

The exhibition Stylectrical in Hamburg, Germany ended in January 2012. The "Museum f├╝r Kunst und Gerwerbe" showed everything┬┤ Designer Jonathan Ive made for Apple starting from 1997 when the Apple Logo was multicolored and the computers were grey, which he instantly turned upside down. One of the Designers which had a great impact on Ive was the German Dieter Rams - his products for electronics manufacturer Braun were also at exhibition.
A illustrated catalog is still on sale.

The most reliable Apple notebook

The Clamshell iBook was the winner of the iBook and PowerBook Reliability survey in January 2006 spanning every laptop capable of running Mac OS X, encompassing 41 models sold over seven and a half years - see MacInTouch There were only a few component failures concerning the keyboard and the power adapter.

French army aims at airport

The french military was alarmed by the new wireless airport technology because their communication was based on the same 2,4GHZ band. Whoever uses Apple's new airport station risks a 30.000 Dollar fine and six months in jail - according to the National Military Bureau for Frequency Use. The wireless communication was up to then limited to a small amount of companies in the urban area, and the french army was quite alarmed by an expected fast increasing number of private users all over the country. In the first place airport cards sold in France were limited to the channels 10-13 ( USA channels 1-11).

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