The iBook is not on the table

The Clamshell iBook turned out to be very popular with pilferers. Therefore the advertising agency TBWA created a campaign for Brazil in july 2000 after an iBook was stolen during a press conference- The iBook is not on the table

The Barbie iBook

I always wanted to take a photo of the real Barbie iBook.
I like to thank my daughter, who gave me her "French Barbie" from the Collector's Edition, and an original pink Barbie laptop.

Insiders know that the design and color of Clamshell iBooks has caused some mockery stimulated by a comment the PC Magazine columnist Dvorak. Until today some people call the iBook by the nickname "Barbie purse" - which is of course better than "toilet seat"

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The breathing sleep light

The love for the detail shows up with the Clamshell iBook even in small things. Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive (quotation) provided for example the small green light, which signals the current energy saving mode, with gentle pulsating (instead of a mechanical on/off), which fits this sleep mode very beautifully. This detail is today still integrated in each portable Mac.

Consumer vs. Pro: Pricing of iBook and PowerBook

Back in 1999 the prize for Apple notebook hardware was twice as high as nowadays. In Germany the Clamshell iBook was sold for 3699 Deutsche Mark which was about $ 2020 in these days. A good deal more than $ 1599 in the USA! The picture shows a printed advertising of the distributor GRAVIS in the german magazine MacUp 10/99.

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