Still, the important news is that Apple has followed up on its iMac success by again becoming a significant innovator in portable computing. At a time when most of the industry is straining to make cookie-cutter commodity hardware as cheaply as possible, it's a pleasure and a relief to see some creativity in consumer computing.

Stephen H.Wildstrom, BusinessWeek.com

Codename P1: bMate, WebMate, eBook, iBook?

David Moody, Apple's director of worldwide desktop product marketing, said during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo Singapore '98: "In the first half of 1999, we will be able to show you something completely new at the portable end of the consumer space" . When Steve Jobs presented the PowerBook Lombard which was part of the professional line in May 1999 he had to put the audience off who was waiting for the new comsumer notebook: "later this year".

P1 was Apple's preliminary name of the portable computer - bMate, WebMate, eBook and iBook were most frequently mentioned names in magazines and websites. Apple Fans around the world speculated about the design which was expected a mixture of the eMate 300, the iMac and the PowerBook Wallstreet.

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Clamshell Unboxing Part 3: Accessories Box

This article deals with the contents of the accessories box. Depending on the iBook Revision and country where the Clamshell was sold, some parts are included or not.
When you open the box all items are well-regulated. Let me introduce the hardware and paperwork included, the software will be reviewed in part 4 of the series.

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Clamshell Unboxing Part 2: The contents

The subsequent part of the Clamshell Unboxing series describes the contents of the box. You are on the edge of your seat with anticipation when the assessories box shows up which is placed in a rounded four-columned housing.

The theme on top of the box differs between the editions.

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Clamshell Unboxing Part 1: The covering box

More than 12 years have passed since Steve Jobs unveiled the original iBook in July 1999. Most of the used Clamshell iBooks you can buy today have lost their original packaging and accessories. If you want to get a reasonable price for your iBook it may be wise to collect the things together, because Apple enthusiasts pay a considerable sum of money for it. In a multi-part series i will present the original contents of the boxes - it may vary in different countries.
The design of the covering box remained nearly the same beginning in July 1999, the first revision in February 2000 and the final second edition in September 2000.

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