Schluss mit den Langweiler-Notebooks

...Leistungstechnisch muß sich der mobile Farbklecks weder hinter seinen stationären Geschwistern noch hinter Wintel-Notebooks verstecken. Wer ein robustes, schnelles Notebook sucht und sich nicht an der mangelnden Aufrüstbarkeit stört, ist mit dem iBook gut bedient. Vielleicht werden auch Sie nach einem Rendezvous mit dem frechen iBook bald zum Apple-Fan.

Uli Ries, CHIP-online.de

Clamshell in the movies

Natürlich Blond (2000)Nowadays younger people will see the Clamshell iBook for the first time in movies or TV-series which were produced from 1999-2001. They are mostly in the hands of young women, e.G. Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde" (2000) or Leelee Sobieski in "The Glass House" (2001).

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Is the iBook a Girlie-Computer ?

As soon as the new iBook was released in 1999, the revolutionary design met with criticism. The columnist John C. Dvorak, (PC Magazine) wrote a pamphlet which contained well known sexist stereotypes: "The only thing missing from the Apple iBook is the Barbie logo. .... You expect to see lipstick, rouge, and a tray of eye shadow inside when you open it up. You don't expect to see a 12-inch LCD; you expect to see a 12-inch mirror. No male in his right mind will be seen in public with this notebook. " Of course, Mr. Dvorak got what he deserved from female journalists and Apple fans.

But somehow, Apple seemed to avoid more scathing criticism: in February 2000 a more serious colored iBook in graphite was released. The ad praised the clamshell as a man's business accessory (Black tie optional).
The Clamshell iBook is still an eye-catcher with its retro design, its impact on women is astonishing. Even my 12-year old daughter was thrilled about her Christmas gift - a tangerine iBook.

Clamshell on the front page

The Clamshell iBook showed up on several front pages such as Playboy right after the Apple Expo in Paris on the 13. of September 2000 where Steve Jobs revealed the Second Edition iBooks . The Apple Logo was hidden by the forearm (maybe to avoid a lawsuit) of Playmate Lauren Michell Hill who was dressed up in Jeans - convenient to the color of the indigo iBook.

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Coloured macs gallery

Clamshell iBook-aficinados should take a look at the german Bunte Macs Galerie. Werner Schmitz collects Clamshell iBooks and iMacs and makes excellent photos. He has assembled a number of iBooks loaded with software and accessories for different purposes such as "the jukebox", "iBook-Playstation" or the "Disney Edition". Here you will also find tips how to run four differnt operation systems on a single partition.

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